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Peak Performance Mastery
is an online community...

specifically designed to create the shortest path for entrepreneurs to achieve wealth, abundance and prosperity by providing the specific tools to dramatically and consistently improve results and personal performance each and every day.

Weekly Peak Performance Video

Weekly inspiration from Patrick Precourt every Monday morning to ignite and inspire high-level performance for all members of the community.

Peak Performance Book Club

Hand selected, personal favorites from Patrick's war chest related to business and self-development topics that are read together throughout the month. The highlights of each book are then reviewed and applied to our daily businesses.

Peak Performer Monthly Interview

Every month, we interview high performance individuals that have reached massive levels of success while first overcoming major obstacles, setbacks and failures. These interviews will be focused on what it takes to recover from failure, to not just survive but thrive and work back up to a high level of success.

Give Back Challenge

Giving back is an essential part of growing as an entrepreneur. Each month, we'll define a challenge and we'll ask the community to rise up and accept the challenge. Sharing this challenge with the community will be part of the thrilling experience.

Peak Performance Community

All members of Peak Performance Mastery will have access to the dynamic and ever-growing portal and Google Plus community during their entire membership experience.

Monthly Wealth Strategies

Each month we'll present specific entrepreneurial and business strategies specifically designed to increase our bottom line profits and continually add additional streams of revenue.

It's 100% free to join. No addons, no upsells.
Why Join Peak Performance Mastery?

Why Join Peak Performance Mastery?

Our members join Peak Performance Mastery to become conscious to what it takes to truly start living your purpose, your why and to receive the exact steps and processes to do so in the shortest time possible. This is proven to be, without question, the effective path in becoming all that you were meant to be and living a fulfilled life attracting wealth, abundance and prosperity instead of continuing to live an exhausting life chasing down success.

It's 100% free to join. No addons, no upsells.

Who is Patrick Precourt?

Patrick is a multi-talented entrepreneur -- an industry leader in personal development coaching, marketing, business development, speaking and influencing and a master of sales and leadership.

Patrick has turned his focus to running an extremely successful personal development mentorship program with hundreds of elite students across the country. His most innate skill set is to pull the best out of you -- to strip down the shell, drive right to the core and uncover what it is that truly drives you. Something that may have been buried so long you hardly recognize it.

Patrick's Goal

Patrick's goal is to help you discover, design and implement a path to true wealth and abundance by identifying your passions, exposing and conquering your fears, clearing the wealth blockers in life that prevent you from achieving your true potential and igniting that burning fire inside to become the leader and entrepreneurial powerhouse you were designed to be.

Patrick Precourt
It's 100% free to join. No addons, no upsells.

Frequented Asked Questions

Have a question? We've got you covered. If we don't answer your question below, don't hesitate to email us.

How much does this community cost?

Peak Performance Mastery is completely free to join. All that we ask is that you participate in the community, share your knowledge and help us all to grow.

What if I miss a live video or don't have time to read the book of the month?

Your participation isn't mandatory. We all have busy schedules so all of the content is provided in our Google+ community and can be accessed whenever you have the time.

What if I'm not a business owner yet?

Not everyone is a business owner or entrepreneur, but just about everyone wants to be. This community is designed for everyone, of all levels of business knowledge and skill. It's designed to help enterpreneurs grow and expand continually. No matter what level you're at, this community is for you.

Will this community make me successful entrepreneur?

Let's be honest here. Nothing will work if you don't put in the effort and truly practice the things being taught. If you're interested in Peak Performance Mastery to magically solve your problems, please do join the community. If you participate in the community, read as many of the recommended books as possible and truly practice some of the things being taught each week, you'll see amazing results.

It's 100% free to join. No addons, no upsells.